Sukhoi Su-35 Russian Air Force Taxiing

Sukhoi Su-35 Russian Air Force

Sukhoi Su-35 Russian Air Force

Sukhoi Su-35 Russian Air Force while taxiing taxiway. The jet is on preparation to set off taking another flight mission. At a glance this is an Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker. It is, the Su-35 also usually called as Su-27M. The jet is a heavily upgraded variant of original Flanker. NATO nicknamed as a Flanker-E.

They are twin-engine and single-seat multi-role jet fighter. The upgraded components such as, enhanced aerodynamics, modernized avionics and also more powerful engines. The first flight conducted in 1988. Dozens of prototypes were made at the time.

Later on, the first prototype was modified again converted as Su-37. Sukhoi Su-37 also known installed by advanced thrust vectoring on it.

Currently only Russian and China are the operators. There are many potential user of the aircraft such as, Vietnam, Algeria and Indonesia. Furthermore, Egypt and Pakistan are also interested in purchase on the Flanker-E.

Sukhoi tagged this about USD 65 million in a 2016 fiscal year. Rather ‘cheap’ jet fighter, bear in mind of super maneuverability jet fighter and advanced technology. There is also two-seat variant of the jet, they called it Su-35UB.

Sukhoi Su-27 series has been a basic platform for many-many years since its first flight in 1970s. One of the most successful jet fighter type after cold war era.

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