Serbia Orders Airbus Helicopter H145M

airbus helicopter h145m

Serbia Orders Airbus Helicopter H145M

Serbia Orders Airbus Helicopter H145M. The country has ordered nine Airbus Helicopter H145Ms, becoming the third nation to commit to the latest variant of the German medium-built helicopter.

Destined to be operated by the air force and the Serbian police, the contract was signed by the defense ministries of Belgrade and the interior on 28 December. Deliveries will take place from the end of 2018 until 2019, according to the Ministry of Defense of Serbia. However, no details were provided on the value of the contract.

It is believed that the air force will receive six helicopters and three police. However, it is unclear whether the latter will take the military model M, or the civilian H145.

The agreement also covers logistical support and a degree of industrial cooperation between the Serbian industry and Airbus helicopters. Previous customers of the Safran Arriel 2E-powered H145M Helicopters include Germany and Thailand.

Airbus Helicopters is confident that military and police requirements will require significant  this type of helicopter H145 demand in the coming years.

Before the re-branding, the helicopter known as Eurocopter EC145. Airbus Helicopter H145 has modern glass-cockpit technology, night vision goggle and 4-axis digital autopilot systems. Also the company installs signature Fenestron technology in shrouded tail rotor. This could improve anti-torque control.

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