Embraer Legacy 450 Delivery to AirSprint

embraer legacy 450 sunset scene

Embraer Legacy 450 Delivery

Embraer Legacy 450 Delivery to private charter aviation. AirSprint received the country’s first Embraer Legacy 450 business jets in December 2016. Two superlight-type specimens were delivered to the operator Calgary, that is an Alberta-based operator. Another aircraft is scheduled to be delivered this January.

“We plan to have five Legacy 450s in the lineup before the end of the year, with the rest of the plane joining us by the end of 2018, if demand for the product is strong enough,” says AirSprint president and COO James Elian.

“The aircraft will replace our five Cessna Citation XLS as the high-end offer. This model simply does not have the range to meet many of the mission requirements of our customers, particularly those who want to travel across the country to say Montreal to Vancouver. ”

The XLS has a range of 2,100nm (3,890km) – 800nm ​​less than the Legacy 450, which underwent a slight modification last year to increase its range by 325nm.

“The introduction of the Legacy 450 also allows us to expand our service offering to include Hawaii for the first time,” says Elian. The company completed its inaugural service to the archipelago in December.

“AirSprint also operates eight Cessna Citation Jet (CJ3 +) and (CJ2+) light business aircraft as its entry level offer. We plan to expand these numbers as well,” Elian says.

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