Iran Buys Twenty ATR Aircraft

atr 72-500 takeoff

Iran Buys Twenty ATR Aircraft, Pic: ATR 72-500

Iran Buys Twenty ATR Aircraft. ATR will send a team of its experts to Tehran on Wednesday to sign a USD 400 million contract to sell 20 passenger aircraft to Iran Air, the official said. “The value of this contract is USD 400 million to buy 20 aircraft that will be used for Iran’s domestic routes,” said Iranian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Urban Development Asqar Fakhrieh Kashan.

He noted that under the contract, 5 aircraft will be delivered to Iran Air within the next three months.

In relevant comments last week, Fakhrieh said Airbus and ATR will deliver 8 new passenger aircraft to Iran’s national flag carrier Iran Air by the end of this year.

“Based on the contract signed with Airbus, the company will deliver an A320 aircraft and two A330 long-range aircraft to Iran by the end of this year,” said Fakhrieh Kashan.

Noting that Iran Air will sign a contract with ATR, an Airbus subsidiary, to buy 20 aircraft next week, he said, “Iran Air will receive 8 new Airbus and ATR aircraft by the end of this year.”

Earlier in December, Airbus sealed a contract with Iran Air to sell 100 of its passenger aircraft, worth more than USD 18 billion. The announcement came after Iranian President Farhad Parvaresh and Airbus President Fabrice Bregier signed an agreement originally signed in Paris in January 2016.

The agreement included 46 Airbus A320 aircraft, 38 A330 aircraft and 16 A350 XWB aircraft, and deliveries will begin in early 2017. Bregier described the agreement as “a significant first step in the overall modernization of Iran’s commercial aviation sector,” stating that it also includes pilot training, airport operations and air traffic management.


In early December, Iran Air finalized an agreement for 80 jet aircraft maker Boeing Co., with aircraft scheduled to begin arriving in 2018. The deals were made possible after the United States lifted the ban on selling Iranian passenger aircraft and spare parts after the nuclear agreement, known as the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (JCPOA).

Tehran and the six world powers (United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany) signed the nuclear agreement in July 2015. It entered into force in January and settled a long dispute over Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

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