Antonov An-32 Water Bombing on Forest Fire

antonov an-32 water bombing

Antonov An-32 Water Bombing

Antonov An-32 water bombing. An aircraft of Ministry of Emergency of Ukraine while on mission. Because of forest fire somewhere, they deployed the aircraft to take care on. Thanks to I Bubin for amazing and sensational photograph.

The An-32 has been modified into Antonov An-32P. The -P variant is an aerial fire fighting version. It could lifts up to eight tonnes of liquid, separated to two tanks. Both tanks could load out the liquid at the same time.

Typically, water bombing conducted from 50 meters height at 240 kmh cruising speed. The good thing is, when it is not used as water bomber aircraft it could fly as transporter aircraft as well.

The aircraft has a base at Nizhyn Air Base in Ukraine. It is a military air field that located 4 km north of Nizhyn City. In the past, the air field used to be an aircraft bomber deployment center.

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