H130 Airbus Helicopter Mountainious In Flight

h130 airbus helicopter

H130 Airbus Helicopter

H130 Airbus Helicopter while flying over mountainous area. The H130 is a civil light helicopter powered by single-rotor engine. Previously the helicopter known as Eurocopter EC130 nicknamed Ecureuil. Currently Eurocopter has been re-branded into Airbus Helicopter. In the past Eurocopter was the merger of Aerospatiale and DASA company.

The Ecureuil was built based on AS350 platform, the main difference was fenestron. This is an anti-torque device in the tail section. It has also automatic variable rotor speed. It helps to reduce external sound level significantly.

They claim the sound level is the quietest in its class. The main blades made of composite, so its light yet strong and durable.

There are many missions that can be handled by the chopper. Such as, tourism, medical helicopter, aerial work mission and of course as a business aviation.

Customers able to fit up to six passengers and one pilot. At the front there are one pilot and two passengers while other three can sit comfortably in the back. It is possible to modify the seating layout and can fit up to 7 passengers. The chopper has up to 610 km flight range at 240 kmh cruise speed. Airbus Helicopters tag the price at USD 3.6 million in 2016 fiscal year.

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