A380 Lufthansa First Class Cabin Interior

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The picture above is A380 Lufthansa first class cabin interior look a like. This photo taken by fish eye method to cover all of sections, thanks to rotate for this amazing photo. Seats are ottoman, so it is very comfortable. Although the first class, this is not all about privacy, if you travel with someone you would have side-by-side each and so on. If the privacy matters most for you, you able to have sort of shields so you’ll be separated with another passenger.

This aircraft had just landed at Frankfurt Airport flew from Narita Airport in Tokyo. It took about 11 hours flight duration. As you know, Airbus A380-800 is the world’s largest passenger aircraft in the market. It has very high on investment for airline to purchase yet it fabulous and classy. Surely, traveling with Airbus A380 series will always be exciting experience. Try out your own flight with Airbus A380-800. Check out also, seating layout in economy class as well as business class inside A380.

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