Airbus Helicopters H225 Super Puma Wiping Out Sea 4110

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Airbus Helicopters H225 Super Puma while wiping out sea in a transporting mission off-shore. The H225 Helicopters past known as Eurocopter EC225 is the latest super puma family helicopter that has long-range and transport ability.

Airbus Helicopters H225 has two engines and able to carry up to 24 passengers as well as 2 crew and one flight attendant. Making this helicopter as one of the largest helicopter existing on the market today. It accustomed used by VIP passengers transport or off-shore flight mission.

There are several variant of this helicopters such as, H225 Firefighting/SAR with special water bombing equipment, radar for search and rescue purpose and so on. While the new H225, formerly known as EC225e, is a helicopter equipped with Turbomeca Makila 2B turboshaft engine.

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