Airbus Helicopters Joins Korean Aerospace on Helicopters Program

Airbus Helicopters to join Korea Aerospace Industries in development of a rotorcraft or helicopter for light civil helicopter (LCH) and light armed helicopter (LAH).

Airbus are ready to share and transfer its technology to the Korean in order to stand on own’s foot and independent especially in aerospace industry.

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Airbus Helicopters H155

Airbus Helicopters chief executive, Guillaume Faury says the light civil helicopter (LCH) and light armed helicopter (LAH) programs will build on our collaboration with Korean Aerospace Industries which has become a reference in a successful rotorcraft or helicopter collaboration.

The light civil helicopter will ready for emergency medical mission, coastal surveillance as well as VIP transport. While the light armed helicopter will replace the old fleet MD500 and Bell AH-1J/S Cobra.

The two variants of light helicopters will be build based on Airbus Helicopters H155 or formerly known as Eurocopter EC155.

These helicopters are expected to begin its service in 2020 or at least in 2022.

Collaboration on rotorcraft programs worth to USD 884 million, most of fund will be expense by Korean government and overseas investors.

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