European Private Jet Industry Hurt Over Russian Sanctions

14 September 2014. Geopolitical crisis in eastern Ukraine has been affected the European business/private jet industry.

As economics recovered from crisis, the US and western countries sanctions to Russia and wealthy Russians due to Ukraine condition. In opposite way, the impact felt by European first as nearby countries.

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Private Jet Are Lining Up in Airport

Many wealthy Russians stopped their travel to Europe, for example, they don’t fly to its summer house in southern Europe particularly in France. Russians are like to come here in Riviera.

There is significantly traffic reduction since the sanctions.

The owner of business aviation in southern France says that this is the first ever number of private jet traffic dropping down.

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Gulfstream G450 the Private Jet

Increased of importance of business traffic from or to Russia are obvious since onerous tax regimes in Russia. The objective of this to keep their aircraft elsewhere not in Russia. United States now looking for 140 aircraft owned by individuals and 60 companies.

If the circumstances keep on going, there is a possibility that rich Russians will stay away. Without ‘money’ from Russians everything will go down since Vnukovo is one of the most important airport in business and private jet aviation in Europe.

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