Skymark Airlines Cancels Six Airbus A380-800s Order

3 August 2014. Airbus has confirmed the cancellation order of six Airbus A380-800s from the Japanese Skymark Airlines.

Later on, Airbus states discussion with Skymark Airlines regarding A380-800, the Skymark Airlines has been terminated the purchase order of six A380-800s signed in 2011, Airbus reserves its remedies and rights.

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Original Airbus A380-800

Airbus claims its cancellation’s compensation for USD 700 million while pricing of one A380-800 is around USD 414 million.

In the other hand, CEO of Skymark Airlines, Shinichi Nishikubo says the airline had worked very hard to get on this USD 1.7 billion of A380-800 project, but in the reality goes to the opposite way. They have economic downturn and  a weakening Japanese Yen. All of these have pushed us to change its plans, then blame on Airbus’ contractual negotiations that harmed the Japanese carrier.

They claimed have been discussing about these issues since April 2014 pertaining the A380-800s purchase agreement. Unfortunately the discussion are not able to find any win-win solution.

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Skymark Airlines Airbus A380-800 Livery

Shinichi Nishikubo adds that Airbus poses as ‘threatening’ to the Skymark’s independence and calling the compensation of cancellation is beyond of common sense and outrageous.

The first Skymark Airlines A380-800 has been performed for the flight tests and should be delivered in August or September 2014. Even there was pictures shown a A380 with Skymark’s livery.

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