British Airways Suspended Flight Due To Ebola

9 August 2014. Liberia and Sierra Leone routes has suspended by British Airways due to Ebola issue.

Deteriorating public health situation is the main reason in these countries. British Airways states that the customer able to get a full refund and rearrange new flight.

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British Airways G-ZBJA Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

In the other hand, Liberian government shows disappointment in British Airways decision. They said, international airlines must keep all passengers as highest priority.

Whilst, British Airways flight to/from Liberia and Sierra Leone added it is temporarily suspended till 31 August 2014.

From February-July 2014, there were hundreds of people of both countries died since the disease.

Ebola virus spreads by contacted any bodily fluids and blood, medical records data said only 60% had survived from infected virus. Until now, there are no vaccine to cure ebola, but hope to survive rise if the patients get early treatment.

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