Airbus Unveils Airbus A330NEO The Re-Engine Successor

14 July 2014. Airbus announces that there will be new version of Airbus A330 Series, one of the best selling widebody aircraft.

The successor of Airbus A330 will be named as Airbus A330-800NEO and A330-900NEO. Deliveries of A330NEO Series is expected in last quarter in 2017.

Airbus A330-800NEO, Airbus A330-800NEO Rendering Image, Airbus A330-800NEO Initial Design, Airbus A330-800NEO Render, Airbus A330-800NEO Inflight, Airbus A330-800NEO Picture, Airbus A330-800NEO Image, Airbus A330-800NEO Wallpaper

Airbus A330-800NEO Rendering Image

Tom Enders, chief executive of Airbus Group states, A330 Series is an important contributor to our group, known as one of the most efficient and reliable passengers aircraft ever built. The New A330NEO will fly many years to come with re-engine variant, and sure will continue significantly to our group’s revenue.

Rolls-Royce engines will stay powering the A330NEO with new Trent 7000 Engines, one of the best engines ever made by Rolls-Royce.

Airbus A330-900NEO, Airbus A330-900NEO Rendering Image, Airbus A330-900NEO Initial Design, Airbus A330-900NEO Render, Airbus A330-900NEO Inflight, Airbus A330-900NEO Picture, Airbus A330-900NEO Image, Airbus A330-900NEO Wallpaper

Airbus A330-900NEO Initial Design

Airbus A330NEO wing shaped design, is inspired by A350 XWB winglets design. Larger wingspan and new engine pylons design as well. All of these design are to accommodate more powerful Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 Engines.

There is also aerodynamics improvements, delivering good air-flow shaped along its body and efficiency as well. Airbus’ spokesman says that A330NEO has 14 percent efficiency increased in fuel consumption, per seat. After that, there is even more distance enhancements, increased about 400 Nautical Mile longer. All of these will improve airlines revenue and operating cost.

Airbus A330NEO, Airbus A330NEO Cabin Interior, Airbus A330NEO Interior, Airbus A330NEO Economy Class, Airbus A330NEO Seat Configuration


Airbus A330NEO Economy Class Seat Configuration

Airbus A330NEO, Airbus A330NEO Cabin Interior, Airbus A330NEO Interior, Airbus A330NEO Business Class, Airbus A330NEO Seat Configuration

Airbus A330NEO Business Class

In the other hand, Airbus will also reconfigure its cabin interior. Promising larger and more comfortable seating position in business and economy class. All of passengers will able to enjoy the latest on board flight entertainment system such as 3D films, complete connectivity and mood lighting systems.

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