Successor of Ilyushin Il-76 is Ready To Deliver and Fly

24 June 2014. Ilyushin, Russian aircraft maker announces modernization of Ilyushin il-76 to Ilyushin il-76MD-90A has entered into last phase of development.

The first delivery of Ilyushin il-76MD-90A will be scheduled in this year and more aircraft in 2015 to Russian Air Force. The company states that about 39 aircraft have been ordered in the next ten years, the production line will be in Tashkent, Russia.

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Ilyushin il-76MD-90A Flight Test

Modernization aircraft project code il-476 has been extensively developed the old Ilyushin il-76 into advanced aircraft. The il-476 project initially begin in 2006 and the first flight was in 2012.

The spokesman said that they improve capacity of air dropping load which can accommodate more to Russian Airborne Troops mission. There are even more upgraded in aircraft systems, fuel systems, navigation and digital sight, cruise control and all-digital-instruments cluster in cockpit.

Ilyushin claims new design of wing will improve aerodynamics and reinforced landing gear will assist the best performance in any flight mission. In addition, the power plant also changed by Perm Engine Company, Pavel Soloviev PS-90A-76 turbofan engines which is more powerful yet efficient.

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Ilyushin il-76MD-90A in Assembly Line

Ilyushin il-76 is four-engine multi role aircraft lifter or freighter aircraft. Supporting civil freighter since 1967, il-76 also able carry huge amount of logistics or being a air refueling tanker. Ability in takeoff on rough and unpaved runway also give more benefits in remote area. Ilyushin il-76 variant have been serve the air force worldwide, including Indian Air Force and even United States Air Force as fire fighting service.

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