India Signs Deals Worth To US$ 55 Million With Mikoyan Gurevich Russia’s Jet Fighter Maker

Manufacturer of MiG fighter jets from Russia has signed two additional contracts with India with a total value of $ 55 million, the company said during MAKS 2013.

They are part of a general of the Indian Air Force. Under the first, $ 43 million contract will establish a service center in India for the maintenance and repair of Zhuk-ME onboard radar, MiG officials said. The second, $ 12 million contract provides for the establishment in India of a service center for MiG-29UPG modernized.

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Russia will deliver six MiG-29K Fulcrum “4 + + generation” fighters to India this year as part of a 2010 contract for 29 aircraft worth $ 1.5 billion, said the MiG CEO Sergei Korotkov at the MAKS international air-2013 and shows the space.

India currently has 21 aircraft. Under the contract, MiG is to deliver 29 aircraft by 2015, said Korotkov. Last year, four aircraft were delivered and one was delivered so far this year, he added.

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