Airbus A880 Ultra Jumbo Jet Concept Aircraft

Airbus A880

Airbus A880 Ultra Jumbo Jet Aircraft

I imagine when Airbus A880 become reality. Yes so called quadruple-decker ultra jumbo jet aircraft.

Current Airbus A380 is only has two decks, if whole seating plan turn into economy class there will be 800 passengers on board of aircraft. This probably will decrease baggage and another payload.

Using simple math, double-decker gives you 800 passengers while four decks would double it, probably more than 1,500 passengers able to carry at once in Airbus A880!

Again, if this happen, i suppose Airbus should modify and tweaked its power plant to even much stronger than A380. Because large aircraft is not all about economic or business matters. For me and another passengers boarding-on huge aircraft is fun and for some people addicted.

On the other hand, Airbus A380 series itself have been sold for 319 orders so far. Also per January 2017, there have been 2017 aircraft delivered. Most of aircraft are with Rolls-Royce engine option. While Emirates is the largest operator of the aircraft with 142 firm orders and now operating 92 aircraft.

Some analysts said that the break even point for the giant is around 400-500 aircraft. Airbus seems experiencing harder effort to sell more aircraft.

It is should be even more harder to sell bigger aircraft than A380. Since the aviation market have changed these days. The boss will refuse to produce this aircraft because its uneconomical for business. But largest aircraft will record in history, just like Antonov An-225 or Airbus A380 series. Will Airbus A880 become reality?

We hope Airbus or any aircraft maker would see our vision and make some spectacular and sensational aircraft master piece.

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